Romance and unexpected opportunities

It one of those times when I was marketing before even realizing it. My favorite way to travel is by train. Long-distance trains have a comfort and flair that is all their own. Sitting in compartment with someone across from you invites conversations you just don’t have when you’re squeezed into an airplane or barreling [...]

Linchpin: The #1 Little-Known Technique for Future-Proofing Your Autoresponder

Imagine you are standing in front of Penn Station in Manhattan and you want to get to Boston. How will you go? You could walk into the station and buy a ticket for the train. Perhaps you’d prefer to fly, so you hop into a taxi to the airport. Or maybe you love driving, so [...]

Just didn’t get it…

I was writing some marketing copy with Shana, a platinum client, the other day, and it reminded me of funny story… I must have been 5 or 6 years old, and was eagerly unwrapping presents under the Christmas tree. My parents kept pointing me towards a big box, but I wanted to open the smaller [...]