I think anybody who’s been married a long time knows that a lot about relationships comes down to simply being there.
Just show up.

There’s this big myth about quality time. It’s meant well, but it’s maybe also to assuage guilt that we’re not there when we wish we could be.

Sometimes I feel guilt and regret about being so far away from my family, off in the USA in Nashville and Oakland, while I am in Austria. But I’m here to be with my husband and we’re close (in both senses) to his side of the family. And I love it here. Purpose and meaning make all the difference.

To bridge the distance, my family has other ways of being together. Baby pictures and short videos fill our family Facebook Messenger group. I also send my niece videos of me visiting the cows and the other farm animals I see when I’m on my hikes.

Little Alexandra thinks I live in the zoo now. 😉

And Alex doesn’t care that they are selfie videos… with me all sweaty in workout clothes. They aren’t professional. They aren’t pretty. They aren’t “quality.” They aren’t even horizontal. They are just present.

Business, too, is about relationships.

Relationships that you don’t tend to… tend to wither and die. That’s why I write you nearly every day if you’ve requested my emails.

If you feel like you could—should—be doing more to tend to your business relationships, we can plan that together. After that, I can also help with the implementation if you like.

But first, have a taste of my approach to business and marketing. See if it resonates to you.

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