Speeding up when you want to slow down…

It was a gorgeous, sunny, and crisp winter day when my dad, my husband Achim, and I rolled up to Montgomery Bell State Park for my very first mountain bike outing.

My dad and Achim, thick as thieves, had convinced me to finally give mountain biking – on a trail – a try.

And really, why not? I love athletic activities and cycling, and the day before I’d had my very first ride with my shoes clipped into the pedals.

My dad explained the three rules of trail riding as he and his buddies worked them out:

  1. Look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go
  2. Go at your own pace
  3. Keep your weight forward and accelerate to overcome obstacles with speed and momentum

The first two rules were easy for me to follow.

The third rule… well, that one went a little against the grain for me.

Going slow felt safer. And I was used to riding my touring bike on the road. It can’t even go over a low curb without bending a rim.

But riding on the trail on a mountain bike is completely different. Speed and momentum are absolutely critical for overcoming obstacles – and making it over steep hills.

Hello from the top of Sonntagberg!

My bike and I at the top of Sonntagberg, the mountain behind my house.

When you go too slow, you get stuck at every root in the trail and every steep hill. And with my shoes clipped to the pedals, each stop meant fighting to get my shoes out of the clips before I tumbled down to the ground, clipped to the bike.

The same three rules apply to your business growth, too.

  • Focus on your goals…
  • Go at your pace – don’t exhaust yourself…
  • Keep up speed and momentum to overcome challenges…

In practice – that means marketing daily and trying out new approaches.

But what will do you when you’re marketing daily? How do you choose which projects have the highest ROI?

To help you answer those questions, I’ve prepared a short report: “5 High ROI Marketing Projects.”

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