That blinding moment of clarity…

I’m working on my first book, and I was completely stuck on something that might seem banal.

All of the ideas and stories were racing around in my head, but I just could not find a way to get them out in a structured way.

I’d start on an outline here, then need to start over again there. Then other ideas would come up and need to be inserted.

There’s one tool that I’ve loved using for outlining and structuring projects.

It’s called Gingko Tree App, and it is a revelation for outlining because it’s so flexible. I’ve also used it for project plans, like mapping a new membership portal with materials onto a website, and found it very easy and helpful. Gingko Tree also makes it very easy to collaborate.

But Gingko Tree is, to my mind, totally unsuitable for composing. It is perfect for, say, a PowerPoint presentation, but there is no built in spellchecker and the formatting is very limited.

Enter Scrivener. It’s software designed for writers who are writing books and other big, multi-piece projects.

It's a real scream when you get clarity on something.

It’s a real scream when you get clarity on something.

It’s perfect—except for one big thing: the learning curve for using it is insane. I used it for a few months just using the most basic features, but when it came time to outline my book, I was completely stuck. I just couldn’t figure out what to do. I even bought a Learn Scrivener Fast course for $297, and it helped… a little.

Here’s what really helped: After I learned the basics, I just played with it for awhile.

And that’s when I got my moment of clarity. I just had to effing do it. JFDI. Now I’m feeling unstoppable.

Now, since I want to write a book and I need a good tool for the job, there was no way around learning Scrivener for me.

A lot of times, though, business owners get stuck learning things they don’t really need to know.

One good example for many is Ontraport. If it’s hard for you to learn how to use the tech tools for marketing your business…

… Don’t! Stick to your Joy & Genius zone and let someone else do the pieces you don’t want to do.

What you do need is a high-level overview of what’s possible for you with marketing automation, and a plan for making it happen. That’s something we can do together, so you skip the learning curve.

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