That one part they left out

In retrospect, I’m glad no one told me the full story ahead of time.

When I was in second grade, I got my first pair of glasses. In ninth grade, I got my first pair of contact lenses.

And my eyes got worse and worse until I was 25 or so.

Of course, by then I had gotten used to dealing with glasses and contacts every day, and had resigned myself to being stuck with them. They didn’t bother me too much, until they did…

The contact lenses stopped agreeing with me. They would swim around in my eyes and dry out. My husband and I travel frequently, and the carry-on luggage regulations made carrying saline solution for storing the lenses a real pain.

Then my best friend from college flew over to Austria for my 30th birthday party – and dazzled me with a new idea.

He’d gotten LASIK – laser surgery to correct his vision. And he was delighted with the results.

I’d heard of LASIK before, but had been very sceptical. Would it have side effects? Would it hurt?

Seeing a real life example of someone who was thrilled with the results – vision without corrective lenses – lit up the idea in my head.

My problem could be solved.

I asked around – also on Facebook – and was astounded at how many friends and family members had already had the surgery. And they all enthusiastically recommended it.

But there was one part they all left out.

No, the surgery doesn’t hurt… but it is extraordinarily unpleasant. You’re wide awake, your eye clamped open, and there’s a laser zapping open your retina.

If my friends – and the eye doctor – had concentrated on the process of the LASIK surgery, I never would have done it.

I never would have gotten my problem solved (and, boy, am I ever glad I did!).

There are three very important marketing lessons here:

1. Effective marketing messages focus on results – not process

Clients generally don’t care about process – it’s boring. In, fact, before they begin, the process might even be a little frightening. For example, if you’re a coach or a consultant, you might have to confront your clients with uncomfortable questions.

They might enjoy the process once it’s started – but thinking about it beforehand may scare people away unnecessarily.

2. The best proof comes in the form of stories from delighted clients

Nothing proves that your methods are effective like stories from delighted clients.

“I sold 3 show specials!”

“I wrote the UMG! (my first) and designed this sell sheet with the help of my husband. My husband saw many people at the Bridal show stop to read it in the literature rack as they were passing, and then they would take one and continue to read the back. A testament to the good copy/marketing message thanks to your help!

Even though the event sponsor encouraged Brides-to-be not to purchase at the show, I sold 3 show specials.

I am benefitting GREATLY from your courses and educational materials. They are worth their weight in gold. I would not have had the confidence to grab this opportunity to get in front of 550+ Brides-to-be in such a short time without you!

Shawn S. Liburdi, OTR/L, CHt
Georgia Hypnotherapy Associates

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David enjoyed the program, too – and got great results:

I’m really enjoying the Jaw Dropping Marketing Message programme – and it’s had a huge effect on the responses I’m getting at networking events. It’s 50% the content and 50% the confidence knowing what I’m wanting to say, but imagine how incredible it will be when I’ve refined it! In fact – being honest – before I used the approach you teach I wasn’t getting any response at all when I introduced myself at network events.

The third marketing lesson is related to the others – but so important that it must be discussed separately.

3. Your qualifications are the price of entry – and (nearly) worthless from a marketing perspective

Let me unpack that a moment…

In the case of the LASIK surgeon, references to strings of degrees and certifications play almost no role in getting new patients.


Every LASIK surgeon must finish her degree and be certified in order to practice.

Every potential client already expects you to be an expert in your field – and wouldn’t bother talking to you in the first place if they thought you were unqualified.

I’m not saying you should hide or be silent about your degrees and certifications. But I am saying that they play an exceedingly minor marketing role in nearly all cases. And in any case, they are just about the last thing you will mention in your marketing messages.

This may seem very counterintuitive. Of course, your degrees and other qualifications are very important to your ability to deliver your services.

But a lot of marketing concepts are counterintuitive for most experts and entrepreneurs.

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