The Parallel Universe of Effective Marketing

Too much marketing simply blasts noise at anyone who dares to go near it.

Or it whispers nonsense in the corner, hoping someone will hear it.

This type of marketing is ineffective. It’s annoying to the shouter, because they are shouting and it’s not working. It’s annoying to the person being shouted at, because they are being shouted at.

Photo by Mindaugas Danys / Flickr

Photo by Mindaugas Danys / Flickr

And it’s very expensive, because by definition anything that costs you time or money and gets you zero results is expensive.

There is an entire parallel universe of marketing, though, that is completely different.

  • Customers love it because this kind of marketing meets them where they are and caters to their needs.
  • Business owners love it because they make dramatically more money with a lot less hassle and heartache.

This parallel universe has a name and a tradition stretching back well over one hundred successful years: It’s called “Direct Response Marketing.”

Your marketing is Direct Response when every piece of your business is designed to generate an immediate response from the consumer. Each response can be measured. Each purchase can be traced back and attributed to a specific ad.

Now expand the definition of “ad” to include virtually every interaction you have with a person who is or could become a customer. Start with how you answer the question “What do you do?” Move on to you business card. Does your business card invite your ideal client to take the next step with you?

I just reviewed the last 30 business cards I got from business owners, and only 2 of them invited me to respond. What a wasted opportunity!

Direct response is defined as marketing that has an immediate and measurable response from the prospect. But that definition leaves out something that’s very obvious if you think about it for a moment.

What happens after the prospect responds?

You respond back with another piece that generates an immediate and measurable response. In other words, you are participating in a conversation. In German, direct response marketing is called “dialogue marketing” for that very reason.

Instead of indiscriminately shouting at everyone who comes your way, you are scoping the room for interesting prospects—virtually or in real life—and approaching them to begin a conversation. I’m not talking about idle chitchat, either.

This is a planned and directed conversation.

It involves both parties listening and responding appropriately… And guiding ideal clients towards buying from you.

Want to know more about Direct Response and how it can revolutionize the profit-making ability of your business?

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